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Captain Keith's Cellar'Bration Flying Saucer Austin

Captain Keith’s Cellar’Bration at Austin Flying Saucer

A Flying Saucer holiday CELLAR’BRATION is happening this Saturday in Austin. Join us in the triangle for beers and all-you-can-eat tacos from 11AM – 5PM. Think of this as a mini BeerFeast where you can taste more than 30 unique and well-made beers. We are releasing those beers we’ve been hoarding for so long. Kevin Bartley…

captain keith big beer local beer flying saucer

Captain Keith: Big Beer & Local Beer

These days I am constantly asked if we (Flying Saucer) will support breweries backed by ABI or other major brewing conglomerates. When some friends’ brewery sold, I felt like it was a win for my friends and that we would continue to sell the beer they make so well. Then, another group of friends sold…

captain keith lauren love flying saucer

How Captain Keith Found Love

It was 1995 and we were a few months away from opening our second Flying Saucer location — Addison. (BTW – I never wanted to build more than one beer joint.) Shannon asked me to seek out Lauren Bennett. He said that she was a great employee from his past (8.0 Dallas) and that “she…

Micahel Jackson beer Captain Keith

What I Learned from Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

As we began this craft beer journey, our best resource was Michael Jackson’s New World Guide to Beer and Beer Companion. The Beer Companion was the book I referenced the most. It was the beer Bible as far as I was concerned. It gave me a good foundation from which to grow my beer knowledge. In the mid-’90s, we didn’t…

Captain Keith history of beer

Captain Keith: Then VS Now

As we roll into 2016 and with the recent opening of our newest concept, Mudhen Meat and Greens in Dallas’ Farmers Market, I find myself looking back on my 23+ years in the beer world and comparing the “state of the union” then and now. We see the stats about how fast the industry is growing, but it’s…

Christmas beer gift

Christmas Beer Gifts – What Beerknurds REALLY want for Christmas

Family and friends. Gotta love ’em—especially at Christmastime. However, after you open your third package of cartoon character socks from your aunts and grandmother, you wonder if they even know you at all. Fear not, Beerknurds. The holidays eventually end and then, you get the opportunity to return all the electronic tie racks, desk organizers…

Captain Keith and Ken Grossman

Happy Thanksgiving from Captain Keith

Greetings, Beerknurds. Thanksgiving is here, and I have a lot to be thankful for so I’m only going to list a handful of reasons here. In no particular order: I am thankful to have been in the beer business for as many years as I’ve been allowed. To have met some of my favorite people…

Black Friday Flying Saucer

Do Black Friday the Flying Saucer Way

Let’s talk about Black Friday for a minute. I’ve read where some people camp out in front of stores just to catch some great deals on Christmas gifts. I can’t imagine. If I’m going to be awake at 3AM the Friday after Thanksgiving, it’s likely that I haven’t gone to bed. If that is the…

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