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Karbach Brewing Tasting Room

Road Trip to Karbach Brewing

So many breweries, so little time. It used to be my job to visit as many breweries as possible—from the West Coast to the East, and many across the pond. Now, it’s hard to find the time, but it’s no less fun. I enjoy it when Beerknurds share stories about their beer travels with me….

Craft Brewers Conference Po

2015 Craft Brewers Conference – Portland, OR

Portland, Ore. (4-14-15) — I’ve been asked to attend the Craft Brewers Conference several times throughout the years. I didn’t go for various reasons, not just because I’m not a professional brewer. The reason for someone like me to go is to network, really, or catch up with buds in the craft beer world. This…

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Captain Keith & Co. Get Stoned

As part of the Flying Saucer’s 20th anniversary, we plan to release some special beers throughout this year. First up, is this special beauty from our friends at Stone Brewing Company! Back in September of last year, a small group from our family of restaurants was invited out to the beautiful Stone World Bistro in Escondido to…

beer in belize

Belize means Belikin and Bone Fish

This was my second trip to Belize. My first time was a few years back with my wife and some friends. It’s an easy place to get to and very laid back – just how I like it. This time, it was a fishing trip with some good friends. This was my first time to…

Frank "The Thank" Sullivan's 50th Plate

Frank “The Tank” receives his 50th plate at Flying Saucer

We gathered some of our favorite brewers from around the world to honor and celebrate Frank “The Tank” Sullivan’s 50th Plate. We thought we would maybe get members to collect 10 plates, but 50? That seemed impossible, but Frank did it. So, raise a glass and toast Frank “The Tank”. Here’s to you, Frank and here’s to…

Craft beer week: Lauren Schlabs, Michael Jackson & Capt. Keith circa 1996

American Craft Beer Week 2013

I remember my craft beer game changer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. That beer is such a fine example of the classic American Pale Ale and from a true American Brewing Pioneer. I drank that beer with good friend Aaron Ledyard and it changed my life. Since that day in 1991, I have served a…

2000 US craft beer breweries

2000 US craft breweries

Reposted from the original Capt Keith’s Beer Blog: It is a very exciting time for lovers of craft beer!  We have more and more breweries and brew pubs popping up all over the country every day, and here in Texas is no exception.  Yesterday the Brewers Association released some very interesting numbers, but most importantly…

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