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Austin Flying Saucer — A Farewell Toast To 10 Great Years

It is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to Austin Flying Saucer for the time being. It has been a wonderful 10 years in the Triangle, but our lease expires at the end of the year and we have made the tough decision to not renew.

Throughout the last decade, we have met some incredible Beerknurds in Austin who have become our good friends, family, and brewing partners. I know we have done some great work during that time and I’m proud of the job our team has done to spread the gospel of craft beer. We’ve had the pleasure of introducing a lot of great people to the craft beer world, many of whom we now see shaping the brewing landscape today.

I had a chance sit down with all our staff to tell them the sad news. We have a lot of terrific people working with us at the Flying Saucer who bleed craft beer and hospitality. We will work to find them new homes or transfer them to other markets if they wish.

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Please come by to say hello and spread some holiday cheer over the coming weeks. We plan to remain open through New Year’s Eve and go out with a bang. Our final day will be on New Year’s Eve when we plan to have a DRAIN THE TAPS party to ring in the New Year — which means some amazing opportunities for you Beerknurds to drink some killer beers.

Throughout January, we will begin the process of moving out which will include carefully removing the UFO Plates which were earned by our Beerknurds. GM Kevin Bartley has carefully organized all 1,100+ plates on a spread sheet so that we can organize them and hand them out to those who wish to keep their hard-earned trophies. We are planning a BIG PLATE PARTY on Saturday, January 6th from 2 – 5 PM where Beerknurds can gather for one last beer and retrieve their UFO plates.

Members who are close to achieving immortality can earn their plate and their party before we shut down. Those who are too far from the goal can transfer their membership to the nearest Flying Saucer in Texas.

Thank you, Austin, for 10 wonderful years. I truly hope you take the opportunity to come see us and your favorite Saucer family members. We encourage you to share your favorite Austin Flying Saucer memories with us. Cheers to you all.

— Captain Keith

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