Beer 101 for Beerknurds in training. Or, perhaps you may need a refresher of the basics.

Thanksgiving Beer Pairings that Don't Suck FLying Saucer Draught Emporium

Holiday Beer Pairings That Don’t Suck

Forget wine. Beer pairings are where it’s at for holiday feasts. When done correctly, beer pairs more favorably with food and can enhance the entire meal in ways wine cannot. But you want to pair wisely so as not to lose the flavor of your beer. That’s a waste of beer, money and calories. So, don’t…

National Beer Day Flying Saucer

Why We Celebrate National Beer Day

In this world where everything and everyone gets a holiday, here’s one that we can really get behind: National Beer Day. History of National Beer Day Now, before you say: “Isn’t EVERY day National Beer Day?” (to which we say “Exactly!”), let’s get to the roots of this most beautiful of holidays and learn a…

How to Age Beer Flying Saucer Beerknews

The great gamble: how to age beer

Aging beers is always a gamble. Each beer is different, even within the same style, and as such will develop differently over time. There are many factors that play in the flavor development of each bottle — original structure, where, when, how long, etc. On top of that, is the beer even meant to be…

trappist beers flying saucer beerknews

Get caught up on Trappist beers

Trappist beers all began in the year 530. According to Stan Hieronymus’ Brew Like a Monk, this was the year that the rule of Saint Benedict was written, mapping out the expectations of monastic life with an emphasis on poverty, simplicity and—to the delight of future beer drinkers everywhere—manual work. The Trappist order originated in…


Getting Medieval With Gruit

The vogue for IPAs whose IBUs are off the charts may make it hard to believe, but hopping is a relatively recent innovation in the history of brewing. In fact, an argument can be made that the flowers of the vine-like Humulus lupulus have no place in the most authentic of ales. But this is…

IPA #ipaday

The IPA Arms Race

There’s no question that Americans love beer. But, like the other great beer-producing regions of the world (Germany, Belgium, the UK), can the United States stake a claim to a signature beer style? On the one hand, ours is a young nation, and our brewing traditions have been imported from other places. On the other…

Types of IPA styles #IPAday

The ABCs of IPA styles

So it’s IPA Day, and you’re staring at your local tap wall wondering what the hell is about to come out of that tap marked “IPA.” Sometimes it’s hard to know what a new IPA might taste like, and it especially sucks when you think you’re going to imbibe a hoppy brew that’s snappy and…

underappreciated beer

Underappreciated beer styles deserving of your love

To drink beer is to travel. Think about it: with even just that first sip of your favorite Trappist ale, you are temporarily transporting yourself to a very specific region of Belgium where a very specific assortment of local ingredients have been converted into a unique refreshment by brewers who have inherited a very specific…

Belgian Beer styles

Beer muscles from Brussels and beyond: A guide to Belgian beer styles

In general, there are five Belgian beer styles: the mouth-puckering tart lambic, the pungent and acerbic oud bruin and Flanders red ales, the smooth and yeasty abbey ales, refreshing farmhouse ales and the beer style that almost went extinct the Belgian witbier. Here’s what you need to know about each one before you take a sip. What are…

Saison Avery Perzik

Spotlight on Saison

As anyone who’s drained more than one tulip glass of the concoction can tell you, no two saisons are alike. Some open with a peppery bite, some broaden into an herbal finish, some smack of a cider-like sourness, while others are just downright funky. How, then, can we even begin to talk about saison as…

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