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Everybody has a story. We bet you do, too. You met your wife at a Saucer. You threw up on your wife at a Saucer. You closed the biggest deal of your life at a Saucer. You shook hands with Adam Avery at a Saucer. You sipped a life-changing beer at a Saucer.
Whatever your story is, share it with Beerknews.

Asa Hanrahan Houston Flying Saucer

Asa Hanrahan: 10 Years Of Blood, Sweat, And Beers

So this funny thing happened ten years ago…I was hired by Flying Saucer in Houston, Texas. What a crazy year this 10th year has been. Hurricane, Super Bowl, and a World Series. Not sure if I would have wanted it any other way (well…maybe except without the hurricane.) Especially, if you know anything about the downtown…

Flying Saucer Charlotte Beerknurds Plate party

A Table with 98 plates at Flying Saucer Charlotte

Here’s a wonderful sight from Flying Saucer Charlotte that warms our perfectly-chilled craft beer hearts. A celebration to honor Roger’s 20th and Bruno’s 28th plates turned into a big Beerknurd family gathering wherein before all was said and done, holders of a combined 98 plates were seated at a table doing their Beerknurd thing. It…

Columbia Flying Saucer Beer

Craft beer unites minds and hearts at Columbia Flying Saucer

Beer is a powerful elixir capable of quenching the most powerful of thirsts and stoking the most brilliant of fires. (We can be poetic sometimes.) At least, that’s how we see it. And if you consider the friendship-turned-marriage of Julia and Joe Hudson from Columbia, South Carolina as evidence, you’d agree and think we’re damned geniuses. Julia…

Beerknurds Hawaii Flying Saucer

Beerknurd in Hawaii

The Beerknurd army is strong — even away from the mainland. Below you will see Beerknurd Brandon Vasquez posing with our favorite Hawaiian and all around craft beer good guy, Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing Co.   Mahalo to you both from Flying Saucer for sharing your photo and supporting craft beer. Remember, if you…

mike springer flying saucer tour

Mike Springer’s Flying Saucer Tour

Flying Saucer would be nothing without our Beerknurds. That’s why we’re always more than happy to share the accomplishments of our loyal craft beer lovers, especially when those accomplishments involve hitting up all 16 Saucer locations. Recently, Houston resident Mike Springer made an epic 31-day journey through what he called his “Eastern Loop.” Mike spent…

#nationalbeerday Beerknews Flying Saucer

#NationalBeerDay: what do you love about beer?

It’s #NationalBeerDay and as THE place to go celebrate, we want to know: What do you love about beer? What are you drinking now? What are your favorite breweries? What’s your most memorable beer experience? Share with your fellow Beerknurds. Come on, spill it. Beer has the power to bring us together. We celebrate and commemorate with beer….

Victory Brewing Bill Covaleski Flying Saucer Charlotte

Cheers to Victory Brewing with Charlotte GM Erik Hodgeman

When I started in the craft beer industry with Flying Saucer 14 years ago, I had no idea the depth of knowledge that would come along with it. Hundreds of tap takeovers, brewer’s tables and meet and greets later, I had the privilege of celebrating Victory Brewing Company’s 20th anniversary with owner and brewmaster Bill…

Spill it beerknews

Want to write about beer?

Want some fame with that beer? Then, submit your story here. Now. We want to hear your best bullshit, be it your review of your favorite brewery, something you’ve learned during your beer travels or just something you’d like to tell your buddies while working your way towards your plate at your local Saucer. We’ll pick…

Beerknurds charity Flying Saucer

Beerknurds climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity

What if we told you a comic strip inspired a 54-year-old couple to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity? Well, that’s what happened to Beerknurds Mary Pat and Dennis James. As background, they each have a plate at Flying Saucer locations in Nashville, Cordova and Kansas City, and they both have two plates at the Memphis location. Plus, they have 199 beers each toward their plates…

Is there craft beer in South Korea

Is there craft beer in South Korea?

This article was submitted by Beerknurd, Collin Zreet. Have a beer tale to tell? We want to hear your best bullshit. Submit your stories now. As I was visiting Seoul, South Korea, the world’s second-largest metro, I decided to seek out the local beer scene, hoping to find new suds in the “Land of the…

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