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Captain Keith: Why you should gather for beer and cheer this holiday

Have you ever taken the time to stop, look around and just enjoy where you are and who you’re with? If you haven’t in awhile, the holidays are a great time to do just that.

You know, holidays are known for their magical ability to bring us together, to help us realize the good things in life and inspire us to improve the not-so-good things in our lives. There’s something about spending time with others that gives us those realizations and perspective. But often, we get too busy to find the time to gather. That’s why the holidays are so great, that’s why being in this industry is so cool and that’s why beer is the perfect drink.

Every day, we get to see countless people walk into the Saucer and make those connections, all over a few beers. Groups of friends and family gathered together to enjoy some tasty brews and catch up on life. Or…a stranger walks in by himself or herself for whatever reason, but they’re generally not alone for long — Beerknurds are cool like that. They are drawn to other good people and LOVE to share their beer stories. Strangers become fast friends. Beer breeds community.

Beer gives us a reason to gather. Is there anything better than gathering with your best buds — spending time with your tribe — and enjoying the fine work that’s been poured into a carefully crafted beer? Especially, after knocking off from a long day at work? What about when your siblings or favorite cousins all gather over a couple of rounds at the holidays and the hours just fly by? I take joy picking out just the right beers for my brothers. After a few sips, you’re relaxed and the only thing that matters in those moments is the togetherness. It’s pretty cool. Being together, hanging out, catching up, maybe working through some things or sharing some thoughts.

So, after such a tough and divisive year, let’s all take the time this holiday season to stop and gather together. Gather with your friends and family at your local Saucer. Order a few rounds and let that beer do its magic. Connect and talk about it. See how your favorite manager or Beer Goddess is doing. Meet a stranger. Make a friend. You never know who you could meet, it could be your future companion. Then, take a sip of beer, look around and realize where you are, what you have and how good things are in that moment. That’s what beer, togetherness and the holidays are about.

I hope you have a happy holiday, no matter which you celebrate, and a Happy New Year. Come see us and let the power of beer go to work on you and your best people. Peace and cheers.

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