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Everybody has a story. We bet you do, too. You met your wife at a Saucer. You threw up on your wife at a Saucer. You closed the biggest deal of your life at a Saucer. You shook hands with Adam Avery at a Saucer. You sipped a life-changing beer at a Saucer.
Whatever your story is, share it with Beerknews.

Bud and Kathi Little Rock Flying Saucer Lagunitas Beerknews

Welcome to Little Rock, Lagunitas!

SPILL IT is where Beerknurds contribute by sharing their experiences, stories and best bullshit. In this installment, Bud and Kathi from the Little Rock Flying Saucer show off some new friends they made. Reps from Lagunitas Brewing Company were in Little Rock for a special event earlier in the week. Bud and Kathi just happened to drop…

Brooklyn Black Ops Beerknews Flying Saucer

Beer Bucket List: Brooklyn Black Ops

I’ve been hunting for Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Ops Barrel-aged Imperial Stout ever since I fully dedicated my heart to craft beer. It’s been on my personal beer bucket list for two years. I figured the only way I was ever going to get even a taste of it was to take a trip to the brewery…

Frank The Tank 20th Anniversary Toast

Frank The Tank’s 20th Anniversary Toast

A special toast from San Antonio’s Frank The Tank Sullivan and his friends in honor of Flying Saucer’s 20th Anniversary. These people are the lifeblood of the Saucer Community. Cheers to you, Frank! And to all the other Beerknurds who helped us make our 20th celebration great! Send us your photos and videos from your…

keep the glass

Keep the glass

To call the person who first thought of “keep the glass night” a genius may not be doing them justice, because it basically combines two amazing things: beer and a trophy for drinking beer. I don’t see a downside. When you explore new beers you can try to keep track of them in your head,…


Step 1 – Decisions, decisions

Below, newly minted Beerknurd “The Gator” shares his account of embarking on his UFO Club quest. Joining the UFO Club is probably the second biggest commitment of my life. I say “second biggest” because, well, I’m married. And that’s taking precedence. But just barely. I joined at the Fort Worth, Texas, Flying Saucer, located downtown…

spill it craft beer

Really? The National Beer of Texas?

Enjoy Kelly Burns’ account of what his final beer will be in his quest for his first UFO Club plate. First off, I am an Irish guy, and I like to drink beer. (Did I mention I’m Irish?) For the past few years, I’ve lived in a quiet town in New York, right on the Hudson…

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