Flying Saucer Charlotte Beerknurds Plate party
image credit: Flying Saucer Charlotte

A Table with 98 plates at Flying Saucer Charlotte

Here’s a wonderful sight from Flying Saucer Charlotte that warms our perfectly-chilled craft beer hearts. A celebration to honor Roger’s 20th and Bruno’s 28th plates turned into a big Beerknurd family gathering wherein before all was said and done, holders of a combined 98 plates were seated at a table doing their Beerknurd thing. It was awesome!


Now, 98 plates is a whole hell of a lot of beer. We were proud of the comments from fellow Beerknurds and other stores to help us understand and fully appreciate this situation. You have to love the Beerknurd family.

So, raise a glass to Roger, Bruno, the Flying Saucer Charlotte Beerknurds and to Beerknurds across this great land of ours! You’re all why we do this.

Let us know if you have any amazing plans for your plate party. Always excited to share!


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