mike springer flying saucer tour
image credit: Mike Springer's Google My Maps

Mike Springer’s Flying Saucer Tour

Flying Saucer would be nothing without our Beerknurds. That’s why we’re always more than happy to share the accomplishments of our loyal craft beer lovers, especially when those accomplishments involve hitting up all 16 Saucer locations.

Recently, Houston resident Mike Springer made an epic 31-day journey through what he called his “Eastern Loop.” Mike spent a month driving through 33 states to visit states he had yet to see, drink a beer in as many as he could and visit each of the 16 Flying Saucers. He even made it up into Canada!

While on his Flying Saucer tour, he did some great scouting of each location and collected notes for all of his fellow Beerknurds. We appreciate your feedback, Mike!

Please check out his post and read about the rest of Mike’s travels. His adventurous spirit is one of the many characteristics that make craft beer and craft beer people the best.

Flying Saucer Tour

Cheers to you, Mike! Congratulations on your Flying Saucer Tour and the rest of your travels. We’re proud to have you as a Beerknurd.

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