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Beerknurds Raise Record Amount For Pints For Prostates

You Beerknurds have done it again! We set an aggressive goal of $35,000 for our 2017 Pints For Prostates fundraiser and we were able to raise OVER $37,000 for this organization that is using beer as a way to talk to men about prostate cancer. The amount was a record for the six-year relationship we’ve had with Pints For Prostates. The organization, which has raised over $1,100,000 in seven years, is extremely efficient in using that money to follow their mission of raising awareness. They’re great people and it’s an honor to assist them.

“The record amount raised this year shows the amazing generosity of the Flying Saucer Beerknurds.”

“The partnership with the Flying Saucer has enabled Pints for Prostates to reach men through the universal language of beer and fight prostate cancer with free men’s health screenings and support groups for guys diagnosed with the disease.” says Rick Lyke, founder of Pints for Prostates and prostate cancer survivor. “The record amount raised this year shows the amazing generosity of the Flying Saucer Beerknurds.”

Flying Saucer Pints For Prostates Beerknurds Tickets

Beerknurds at Addison Flying Saucer with their Pints For Prostates raffle tickets

Beerknurds have raised over $167,000 by drinking beer

This was the sixth year that Flying Saucer has had the opportunity to help out. Over the years, we’ve been able to raise over $167,000 thanks to the help of generous Beerknurds and the hard work of our staff to help spread the word. We’re proud and honored of our relationship with Rick and his organization.

Keith Schlabs, Beer Guru and Co-Founder of Flying Saucer, has been a driving force in Flying Saucer backing Pints For Prostates. “I met Rick while in North Carolina working with All About Beer Magazine.” recalls Schlabs. “We are very supportive of his cause and happy we could continue our fundraising efforts again this year. I’m very proud of our team for their hard work promoting the P4P campaign, empowering the Beerknurds, and for beating our goal.”

Throughout May, Beerknurds pitched in by doing what they’re good at: drink beer. Across every Saucer, special events were held to give Beerknurds the opportunity to donate money by simply ordering a pint on select nights, purchasing special glassware, or enjoying exclusive rare tappings.

Flying Saucer Cordova Pints For Prostates Glasses

Saucers offered glass nites to give Beerknurds the chance to donate money just by purchasing special glassware. Cordova Flying Saucer offered up these glasses from Yazoo Brewing Company for one such night.


Pints For Prostates Ultimate England Beer Trip

However, the real gold the Beerknurds were after was an ultimate beer trip for two to the 2017 Great British Beer Festival. Each of the Flying Saucer locations sold raffle tickets that gave customers their chance to win. Pints For Prostates has always offered up a dream trip to Europe — typically Oktoberfest — but this was the first year to offer such a trip to England. Knurds could purchase as many tickets as they wanted to help increase their odds of winning the random drawing, which was held at Charlotte Flying Saucer on Saturday, June 10th.


“…it is always exciting to call the winner and hear their reaction when you tell them they’ve won the beer trip of a lifetime.”

Flying Saucer Pints For Prostates England Beer Trip

Image credit: Raleigh Flying Saucer

The drawing also coincided with Charlotte Flying Saucer’s 15th Anniversary Bash. So, the building was full of celebration and anticipation as the time came near for the announcement of the winner.

“The energy in the building was great. The anticipation of the drawing had everyone very excited.” says Erik Hodgeman, GM of Charlotte Flying Saucer. “Just after 3PM, we drew the grand prize winner to a packed house.” The winners were drawn from a cask that had been turned into a custom raffle box. (pictured below)

Flying Saucer Pints For Prostates Cask

Beerknurds bought raffle tickets to win an Ultimate Beer Trip to England. The winner was drawn at random from this awesome cask that had been converted into a custom raffle box at Charlotte Flying Saucer.

Lyke and other Pints For Prostates representatives were in the building as well for the announcement. “We had a great time at the Charlotte Flying Saucer as part of their 15th anniversary celebration and it is always exciting to call the winner and hear their reaction when you tell them they’ve won the beer trip of a lifetime.” exclaims an appreciative Lyke.

Congratulations to our winner, who shall enjoy their privacy after having been publicly announced at the event. There are many a Beerknurd who are equally jealous and excited for you.

You can still help out Pints For Prostates and learn more about the work they do by visiting their website:

Thank you, again, to our Beerknurds for your incredible support and generosity. We look forward to raising even more money next year!

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