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Shower Beer Lets You Enjoy Suds With Your Suds

Did you resolve to shower more in 2017? Did you resolve to drink more beer in 2017? Well, you’re in luck because Swedish Brewery PangPang has created something to help you out: Shower Beer. (Which is different than Shower Beer created by Champion Brewing Company or any other brewery with a beer of the same name.)

No, this “sweet but strong pale ale”, comes in a nifty 6-ounce bottle so you can drink your suds down while you suds up — all before steam heats it past the point of being drinkable. Or, before you waste too much water trying to finish your beer. Because, priorities. And while it may be the size of your travel toiletries, Shower Beer packs a 10% ABV (as opposed to the 4.5% of Champion’s Pilsner). So, whether you’re looking to unwind or pregame you’re still on track.

The brilliant marketing idea was the product of PangPang and Swedish creative agency Snask. According to the agency, “the first batch sold out instantly at the first release party. The 2nd is in the brewery tanks.” Which is a bummer. So, your options are:

  1. Continue showering with any beer you pull out of your fridge. (Unless you’re really opulent and decide to sip on something special from your cellar — in which case we’d advise a nice soak in the tub versus showering.)
  2. Stop showering until you get your proper Shower Beer
  3. Forgo your brew while you bathe

We know — none of these are ideal now that we know such a product exists. However, we strongly encourage you to keep washing yourselves…especially if you’re planning a trip to your local Saucer.

Aside from being able to test whether the beer is of any quality, our biggest concern is the danger of having a glass bottle in the shower. Water, soap, and steam don’t exactly make things easier to hold. So, always be careful when enjoying any bottled beer in the shower. In the future, perhaps PangPang and Snask will turn to cans for the sake of everyone’s safety (as Champion has already done). And although it’s not exactly the point, beer really can taste better after being poured from the bottle into a proper drinking vessel.

There was no word about where the beer will be available (we assume Sweden primarily). However, Snask encourages anyone interested in ordering or selling Shower Beer to send an email to

Happy showering, Beerknurds!



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