Plate Party for 3 at Columbia, SC

There was great festivities and imbibing the finest beers Sunday 1/7/18 for three of the mothership’s long standing members! We made a cursive count of the participants to find the table had a combined count of 78 plates and over 15K+ beers quaffed!

Lake Flying Saucer Plate Party Beerknurd Bob Sharp 8 plates

Bob Sharp – Lake Flying Saucer – July 11, 2017

Congratulations to Bob Sharp from The Lake Flying Saucer for reaching his 8th plate. As an added perk to celebrate his epic beer achievement, Bob was the recipient of a very special Flying Saucer stein imported straight from Germany. Bob’s first beer out of his stein? Saint Arnold’s Art Car IPA. Cheers to you, Bob!…

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