Fort Worthy Flying Saucer DFW Iconic Bar
image credit: Flying Saucer
Image from when Flying Saucer Fort Worth moved to its current location. Not too much has changed.

Fort Worth Flying Saucer Named an Iconic Bar

Fort Worth Flying Saucer has been named as one of DFW’s Most Iconic Bars by CBS!

After celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2015, we turned 22 this year. The ability to pursue our daily mission of serving the best craft beer to Beerknurds (aka – the best group of beer lovers in the world) for that long is something we thought we could do, but never really stopped to think about it in finite lengths of time. We just take great pleasure in getting up each morning to live, breathe, eat, sleep, and drink beer! (How cool is that?)

Being in this game for the long run was definitely the plan. Being named an iconic bar, however? Well…that’s just icing on the cake.

It fills us with pride to see Fort Worth Flying Saucer named one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s Most Iconic Bars. If you’ve ever been to DFW, you’d know that there’s more than a few drinking establishments across that stretch of land that’s bigger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. And you’d know that the history of DFW reaches back for decades. So, to be placed into such elite company is quite the honor.

“In 1995 when we opened, we had a line around the block to get inside. Fort Worth has been thirsty for craft beer since before it was ‘cool.”, recalls Captain Keith Schlabs, co-owner, co-founder, and Beer Guru of Flying Saucer. “Fort Worth will always be near and dear to us since it’s where we began. It’s fun to think that 22 years later, we are still providing good beer to the good people of Fort Worth.”

We couldn’t do it without those good people and without all of the Beerknurds. So, thank you so much for your support. You make it fun and easy. Cheers!

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