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Bell's Brewery Launch in Texas

Laura Bell talks Bell’s Brewery Texas launch

Beerknurds in Texas have asked and asked us at Flying Saucer for years: “when will we be able to get Bell’s Brewery beer in Texas?” As it turns out, they’ve been asking Bell’s Brewery that same thing. After a much anticipated wait, March finally brought the launch of Bell’s for Oberon-, Two Hearted-, and Hopslam-thirsty…

Houston Flying Saucer Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Hopricot

Houston Flying Saucer helps brew Sierra Nevada beer

We recently detailed how the Lake Flying Saucer’s Andrea Smith got the amazing opportunity to brew a brand new beer for Sierra Nevada in their Chico facilities as part of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp. That beer, Beer Camp #181 Hopricot, has hit taps across the globe and currently carries a 3.93 rating on Untappd. Andrea…

shower beer beerknews flying saucer 1

Shower Beer Lets You Enjoy Suds With Your Suds

Did you resolve to shower more in 2017? Did you resolve to drink more beer in 2017? Well, you’re in luck because Swedish Brewery PangPang has created something to help you out: Shower Beer. (Which is different than Shower Beer created by Champion Brewing Company or any other brewery with a beer of the same name.)…


Pin it up: 2016 Beerknurd Calendar Out NOW

You wore your Beerknurd shirt while hiking up that big ass mountain. You sucked in your gut and stopped panting long enough to snap a pretty awesome photo. You submitted that photo to the great Flying Saucer gods via the miracle of the Internet for them to cast judgement. And then, you crossed your fingers,…

hop shortage Beerknews hops

What’s the haps with the hop shortage?

During the past few years, the dominant trend in American craft beer has been to out-hop the competition with bigger, badder, bitterer beers. But is the IPA bubble about to burst? Thanks to a combination of unfavorable weather and rapidly increasing demand, brewers around the world are faced with the unthinkable: a hop shortage.   How did…


2016 Pints for Prostates

Join your local Flying Saucer to help support the 2016 Pints for Prostates campaign during a five-week “European Beer Tour” promotion designed to reach men through the universal language of beer. Each of our Flying Saucers will generate prostate cancer awareness from June 1-29 that will culminate in a drawing for a BEER TRIP for two to…

Cider Act Beerknews

CIDER Act: Is this cider’s big moment?

Is artisanal hard cider gaining on craft beer? Sales of American cider are surging at an exponential rate, doubling from 2012 to 2013, and exceeding 75 percent from 2013 to 2014. Why? Craft beer has created a marketplace in which consumer choice is of paramount importance. Changing attitudes toward gluten play a role as well. Social drinkers…

Merger AB Inbev SAB Miller

Merger Update: Europe Approves AB InBev & SAB Miller Deal

We’ve all been watching this story unfold for months, and this week we got big news: the merger between AB InBev and SAB Miller, the two largest beer companies in the world, was approved by the European Union. This is by far the largest acquisition to ever take place in the beer marketplace. After the…

Biggest Small Beer Ever Made

Drink Now: The Biggest Small Beer Ever Made

For most business owners, cozying up to your competition seems counterintuitive—but not for craft brewers. In honor of American Craft Beer Week (May 16-22), craft brewers from all 50 states are joining together in what may one day be referred to as the happiest and hoppiest union of all time. Their goal? To make the…

dogfish head record store day beer and music

Dogfish Head’s toast to Record Store Day

Though they’re most famous for their aggressively hopped IPAs and innovative brews, Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery has been pairing beer and beats since before Randalls and wasabi beer were on anyone’s radar. “Great music, like great beer, makes us feel closer to the gods and closer to our friends and loved ones,” says Founder Sam Calagione. “They…

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