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Adam Avery comes to town for NTX Beer Week

Adam Avery made his way to town recently for NTX Beer Week. He’s been spotted all over Dallas, so we felt we should bring him to Fort Worth for an appearance. The last time he was in our building was five years ago, when it was the original Flying Saucer. As some of you may…

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Celebrating 41 plates in Sugar Land

How many beers do you think you’ve downed with your buddies? 1,000? 5,000? What about 8,000? Pictured is one group of fantastic, overachieving Beerknurds. Between the four of them, they hold 41 plates. 41! That’s over 8,000 beers—over 8,200 beers to be a bit more specific. You could say that Wynn Johnson (10 plates), J.R. Robinson…

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